You can open any video by clicking on the video thumbnail.

Videos will appear on your dashboard once you start using mySecondTeacher.

You can also access the videos by going to the “Subjects tab,” on the top and selecting a subject of your choice.

The seekbar is located on the bottom of the video.
If you don’t see the seek bar, it may be disabled for your account.

Depending on the class, the admin decides whether or not the user is able to seek the video.

It depends on your class. It is upto your admin who will decide on providing you with the ability to seek the video or not.

Completion is the percentage calculation of how many videos you can watch on our platform. Watch all the videos of a subject to have a 100% completion.

On the other hand, if you gain all the end of lesson quizzes of all the videos, only then you will have a 100% mastery. You are guaranteed to have good grades if you master a subject.

Currently, there are 4 subjects available on the freemium plan.

They are:

  • Additional mathematics – 22 videos
  • Biology – 21 videos
  • Physics – 39 videos
  • Chemistry – 16 videos

Please feel free to watch the videos and see how you like them. If you like our content, you can switch to a premium account for complete access to all our videos.

No, we do not support offline videos.

Yes you can!

If you want to test your knowledge on the topic, you can directly take the Mastery Test.

  • Click on Test Yourself tab on your Dashboard.
  • Select Test how good you are from the pop-up.
  • Choose the Subject

(You can also directly visit My Subjects Tab on the homepage and follow the steps below.)

  • Choose the chapter and topic.
  • Click on Take end-of-lesson quiz now to test how good you are.
  • Then answer the questions that follow.